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Psychology of Sensation and Perception

  • Manifold of Sense

    Essay surveys the landscape of the discourse regarding emotions in general and sensations, and contains integrative overview of the matter.

  • Mind Bluff

    Contains optical illusions, brain teasers, puzzles, free games, riddles and mental tricks.

  • MindJava

    Explores human activity on individual, the mind, and environment with assumption in a created universe.

  • Neuhoff, John G.

    Research examines cognitive and physiological processes with auditory perception, cognition and action.

  • Noh Mask Effect - A Facial Expression Illusion

    Induces variety of perceived expressions, image characteristics, and illustrations.

  • Poggendorff and related illusions

    Discusses experiments, figures, and Poggendorff illusion and cardinal axes in the visual field and between opposed angles or across parallels.

  • Sensation and Perception Tutorials

    Provides collection of tutorials and demonstrations that is related to senses.

  • Smarandache

    Introduces Smarandache complex and syndrome, law on sensations and stimuli and synonymity tests.

  • Studies in Affective Epistemology

    Idea on affective epistemology includes feelings and emotions, and basic sub-classifications lateral and trans-lateral categories.

  • Visual Illusions

    Shows common visual illusions, explanations, after images, and study of sensory processing.

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