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Neurotheology Psychology

Andy Newberg

Focuses on this professor's work in better understanding the nature of religious and spiritual practices and experiences. Includes information on lectures and publications as well as a Q&A.

Ecstasy from a Physiological Point of View

Explains religious ecstasy, with views on physiological aspects and sociological factors.

God on the Brain

Details condition of couple with epilepsy associated with religious hallucinations.

How the Brain Creates God

Article on paradoxical physiological mechanisms and altering of consciousness through spiritual technologies.

Neurological Correlates of Transformational Experiences

Accounts temporal lobe of the brain, its activity, and several hypothesis.

Physiology of Meditation

Discusses benefits, results, responses, and significant experiences.

Serotonin System and Spiritual Experiences

Article explains positron emission tomography, human behavior and various methods.

Spirituality and The Brain

Archives articles, real-time geomagnetic information, body experiences and spiritual aptitude tests.

Tests of Faith

Article on religion, science, and belief explains series of spiritual experiences.

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