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Social Science Personality Tests

41 Questions. 1 Personality

Take this questionnaire based on Carl Jung four personality indicators.

BBC Surveys and Psychology Tests

Includes a variety of tests that compare personality with art, sex, and with what people see and hear.

Users can take a variety of quizzes including personality, love, relationships, astrology, friendship, teens, marriage, careers, and more. funquizcards

Human Metrics

Take the Jung Typology Test for free. Also find other personality tests to help understand risk attitudes, employment preference, relationship compatibility.

Jung Typology Test

Free personality test is based on Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory.

Collection of short personality tests to analyze the interpretations of personal reactions to certain events.


Users can take a test to determine their stance on economic and social issues and then find out whether they lean toward authoritarianism, libertarianism, liberal or conservative views.

Queendom Personality Tests

Register to take a variety of personality tests to measure anger, resilience, control, romance and type.

Quizzes For Girls

Offers online tests and quizzes for girls on a variety of topics.

Provides a collection of personality, relationship, celebrity, and astrology quizzes. quizzesnet

Resources Unlimited

Offers DISC personality tests, profiles, assessments, certifications, training and analysis to help improve employee performance.

Offers a directory of personality tests and tools.

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