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Psychologist Horney, Karen

Drew University: Karen Horney

Skeleton of a background of Karen Horney's life and work. With links to other resource sites.

International Karen Horney Society (IKHS)

Invigorating interest in Karen Horney, her life and legacy is the main objective of the International Karen Horney Society. Links to resources pertinent to Karen Horney are listed here.

Karen Horney

Greets with a quote from Karen Horney, and then provides links to resource material about this renowned female psychologist, as well as links to some of her books.

Karen Horney and Humanistic Psychoanalysis

Notes on Karen Horney's work with psychoanalysis that gained her prominence in the scientific community.

Karen Horney Lecture Notes

Outline summary of Karen Horney's life and work. May be useful as lecture notes. Karen Horney

Provides a list of research links to information about Karen Horney.

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