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Jerome Bruner

Bruner - Child Development

Analyzes Bruner's concepts, including learning outcomes, cognitive growth, modes of representation, importance of language, and educational implications.

Dr. Jerome Bruner Speaks at Columbia Teachers College

News article in Education Update Online speaking of Dr. Bruner's advocacy for change in the educational methods currently being widely adopted by learning institutions.

Infed: Jerome Bruner and the Process of Education

Explores Jerome Bruner's Work and draw out some important points.

Jerome Bruner: A Web Overview

Details include biography, work on cognition and constructivism, implications and applications of Bruner's theories, and publications.

Massey University: Jerome Bruner

Reviews brief biography, the cognitive revolution, concept of meaning, learning and education, children's cognitive development, evolution of the mind, and cultural psychology.

Narrative Psychology: Jerome S. Bruner

Provides biographical and theoretical notes, links to internet resources, selected works, and secondary literature.

NYU School of Law: Jerome Bruner

Curriculum vitae contains research, education, publications, selected courses, and appointments.

On the Perception of Incongruity: A Paradigm

Essentially an essay in the theory of perception, this article tackles the problem of incongruity in perceptual events.

Some Thoughts from Jerome Bruner

Passages from Jerome Bruner's book, "The Culture of Education".

Value and Need as Organizing Factors in Perception

Copy of the 1947 article by Jerome Bruner, co-authoring with Cecile Goodman, on understanding the interaction of the process of perception with other, concurrent mental functions.

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