Psychological Human Factors and Ergonomics Measurement Technologies in the Best of the Web Directory

Psychological Human Factors and Ergonomics Measurement Technologies

  • Advanced Mechanical Technology, Inc.

    Provides multi-axes force, torque measurement and wear testing technology, research and development in heat and combustions.

  • Applications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation

    Document includes revised lifting equation, procedures for analyzing lifting jobs, examples, and glossary references.

  • Contemplas

    Offers individual solution for everyday problems, running, gait and treadmill analysis, and software for 2D-motion analysis.

  • Dassault Systèmes

    Designs and develops industrial products, and offers 3D vision of the entire product lifecycle and maintenance.

  • Delmia

    Offers digital manufacturing solutions for customer processes, and allows complete design and validation through digital mock-up.

  • High-speed and DV video

    Contains digital video information, overviews, types of cameras, codecs, and high-speed video.

  • HQ Inc.

    Manufactures miniaturized data recorder, and designs, develops, and manufactures custom wireless sensing systems.

  • Human Builder 2

    Generates and simulates digital human forms in virtual environment to study human-product interactions for creations that have yet to be made or implemented.

  • Human Solutions

    Develops and markets hardware and software solutions, product development and manufacturing processes.

  • Immersion

    Produces touch sense technology for medical training simulators and automobile controls.

  • MicroStrain Inc.

    Designs sensors and focuses on micro-displacement sensors strain measurement in biomechanics research applications.

  • NexGen Ergonomics

    Source for software and instrumentation for analysis, research, design and education in ergonomics and biomechanics.

  • Noldus Information Technology

    Provides professional software, instrumentation and research usability testing for the collection and analysis of behavioral data.

  • Novel

    Company offers pressure distribution measurement systems for the analysis of medical and industrial data. Details seminars, news, conferences and references.

  • Pressure Profile Systems, Inc.

    Designs, develops and manufactures multi-element pressure and tactile sensing systems for engineers and researchers.

  • Seeing Machines

    Technology company focuses on human machine interfaces, and commercializes computer-vision IP to industries and applications.

  • Simi Reality Motion Systems GmbH

    Offers software and hardware for applications in sports science, medicine and behaviorism, motion capture, automatic tracking, and coaching.

  • Task Architect, Inc.

    Delivers solution to majority of task analysis activities.

  • Tekscan

    Advances thin-film tactile pressure and force sensors, systems, and enabling electronics.

  • Vicon Motion Systems

    Offers integrated solution for both digital optical and video-based motion tracking.

  • Vicon Motion Systems and Peak Performance Inc.

    Public company trading offers an integrated solution for both digital optical and video-based motion tracking.

  • Zebris Medical GmbH

    Technology company develops, produces and markets measuring systems, 3-dimensional motion analysis and force measurement technologies for biomechanics sector.

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