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Humanistic Psychology

Albert Ellis Institute

Psychotherapy institute advances emotional well-being and conducts research and continuing education.

Association for Humanistic Psychology

Non-profit association explores and furthers evolution of human spirit and experiences.

Collective Consciousness

Contains collective conscious experience, existence and behavior, and journal papers.

Erich Fromm: freedom and alienation, and loving and being, in education

Psychoanalyst explores educational practice and focuses on freedom, love and human flourishing.

Fromm, Erich

Includes biography and theory on families, social unconscious, evil and human needs.

Halcyon Cosmopolitan Entertainment

Provides information and awareness on humanistic, transpersonal and quantum psychology studies.

Humanistic and Existential Psychology

Resource provides link to lecture notes, summary, and glossary of existential terms.

International Transactional Analysis Association

Non-profit organization advances theory, methods, and principles of transaction analysis, and features training, publications, and products.

Internationale Erich Fromm Gesellschaft

Contains Fromm's life and work, bibliographies, society, conferences and events, activities and book shop.

Kubler Ross, Elisabeth

Details Ross' biography, books, supported organizations, newsletter and contact.

Liberation Psychology

Permeates traditional psychology and views the sexes as being unequal, and rejects the assumption that opposite means hostile or unequal, and that power means control.

M.I.A. Library: Erich Fromm

Presents an archive of the works of Erich Fromm, a Marxist writer.

Maslow Nidus

Contains Maslow's assumptions, excerpts, biographies, bibliography, papers, and related links.

Maslow, Abraham

Discusses Maslow's education and teaching, and theory on the hierarchy of needs and life force.

Psychology of Human Growth and Transpersonal Education

Psychology of change and transformation features news, key questions, methods and tools, associations, resources and readings.

Rebt-Cbt Net

Learns the principles and techniques of the theory, and presents concept from other cognitive behavioral therapies.

Rogers, Carl

Details Roger's biography and theory on incongruity, defenses and therapy.

Self Knowledge for Creative Personal Growth

Respects and nourishes uniqueness, person's right to be self directing and autonomous, and self awareness.

United Kingdom Association for Humanistic Psychology Practitioners

Organization integrates views of humanistic practice and demonstrates the organic processes parallel to a healthy human being.

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