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Evolutionary Psychology

  • Bio-Rational Institute

    Fosters understanding on the evolutionary roots of human nature, and explores emergence scientific evidence.

  • Born Rebels

    Discusses personality development, demonstrates birth order, and extensive statistical analysis that revolutions begin within families.

  • Dance of Consciousness

    Contains Dr. Freeman's experimentally-based ideas about consciousness, scientific and philosophical traditions, and cooperative action within brains.

  • Daniel J. Kruger

    Research interest includes process and products of science, theoretical inquiries to practical applications, and understanding on social world.

  • Descent of Man

    Features the moral animal, stone age minds in the modern skulls, and moral technologies.

  • Ending Racism In America

    Features Patterson's views on ethnicities, cultures in America, and range of examples of the real progress in a multi-ethnic society.

  • Evolution and Human Adaptation Program

    Lectures on understanding mood and depression, and relationship between life situations and mood.

  • Evolutionary Psychology

    Integrative approach to the study of human nature, evaluates the theoretical foundations and implications, and behavioral genetics and comparative psychology.

  • Evolutionary Psychology for the Common Person

    Includes articles, book reviews and reading lists.

  • Foundation for Humanity‚Äôs Adulthood

    Brings forward understanding of the human condition.

  • Great Debate

    Contains series of courses and public discussions on a variety of topics like Darwinism, theories of human nature, the human mind, psychology, and biodiversity.

  • Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution

    Discusses paleoanthropology, social and socio-cultural systems, ontogeny and symbolism, and language systems.

  • Identifying the accident prone

    Links competitive personality as factor to determining accidents.

  • Origin of Language Debate

    Contains discussion about the theories and origin of language debate.

  • Original Rock Music

    Features the oldest known musical instrument which is a bone pipe from German, babies and music, and stone glockenspiel.

  • Sources of Power

    Provides findings on wealth of implications with definitive refutation of racism.

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