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Alternative Parapsychology Organizations

Academy of Psychic and Spiritual Studies

Provides knowledge on spiritual and psychic disciplines, and physical health, and offers courses, trainings and practical workshops.

The American Institute of Parapsychology

Non-profit research and educational organization shares history, services, courses, faculty, and psychic testing information.

American Society for Physical Research, Inc.

Organization supports scientific investigation of psychic or paranormal phenomena, realms of human consciousness and physical research.

Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research

The aim of the Institute, based in Sydney, is to collect claims of paranormal phenomena and to support the development of parapsychology.

College of Management Science - BCM Unifaculty London

Course offering and certification include paranormal investigations, parapsychology, hypnosis, counseling and therapy, and spiritual development.

Exceptional Human Experience Network, Inc.

An educational, research, and information resource organization studying all types of anomalous experiences.

Horizon Research Foundation

Aims to provide support for scientific research and understanding into the state of the human mind at the end of life.

Koestler Parapsychology Unit

The unit is part of the Psychology Department at the University of Edinburgh. It consists of a group of academic staff and postgraduate students with an active interest in parapsychology.


Common topics for anthropological discourses include issues of totem, taboo, witchcraft, spirit mediumship, magic, healing, shamanism and religion.

Parapsychological Association, Inc.

Organization studies psi or psychic experiences like telepathy or precognition, develops methodologies, and assesses hypothesis and theories through investigations.

Parapsychology Foundation

Non-profit foundation provides forum, grants, publications, monographs and conferences, and conducts outreach programs.

Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum

The educational arm of the Parapsychology Foundation and offers a variety of online resources for the serious student.

Rhine Research Center

Explores the relationship of psi and the natural world.

Scientific and Medical Network

An interdisciplinary forum and educational charity exploring the interface of science, medicine and spirituality.

Scottish Society for Psychical Research

Founded in 1987, the SSPR aims to investigate all types of phenomena known as Paranormal or Parapsychological, and collect, classify and study reports of such phenomena.

Sean Harribance Institute for Parapsychology Research, Inc.

Organization establishes and promotes research into the existence, origin, cause and nature of psychic abilities.

Society for Psychical Research

Examines allegedly paranormal phenomena in a scientific way and understands event and abilities of psychic or paranormal.

Southeastern Institute of Parapsychology

Non-profit collaboration of investigators and researchers offers certification in the fields of parapsychology and paranormal research.

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