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  • Amazing Brain Music Adventure

    Contains information on the brain’s amygdala and frontal lobes on discovering creativity, intelligence, pleasure and ESP.

  • Brahmalok – Unfolding the Mystery

    Forum for information sharing on psychic phenomenon, dreams, modern science and mysteries.

  • DeanRadin

    Discusses experiments on human consciousness, intuition, and psychic experiences.

  • European Journal of Parapsychology

    A peer-reviewed scientific journal for research relating to the field of parapsychology which aims to stimulate and enhance activity in parapsychology, particularly in Europe.

  • Global Consciousness Project

    Project examines the subtle correlations that appear to reflect the presence and activity of consciousness.

  • Got Psi

    Do you have precognitive dreams and intuitive hunches? Test psychic ability with these informal online experiments.

  • Human Design System

    Personal growth tool maps energy fields and connects to the universal consciousness.

  • Integrative Energy Medicine Institute

    Dedicated to the research and application of therapeutic methods of healing using Integrative Energy Medicine protocol based on the Human & Universal Energy Field; as well as mind over matter principles and multi-dimensional aspect of reality with the study and Mastery of Awareness, hypnosis and shamanism.

  • Journal of Parapsychology

    Established in 1937 by J.B. Rhine to share experimental parapsychological research findings with the scientific community, published twice a year.

  • Keys to Power

    Helps develop and create power, control on thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and mathematical laws.

  • Michael Daniels

    Among other things, this site offers an introduction to parapsychology and a number of psi tests online.

  • One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

    Supports and conducts original research and offers prize for evidence of any paranormal or supernatural power or event.

  • Paranormal - The Evidence and its Implications for Consciousness

    Article discusses experiments, psychical research, analysis, psychical investigations, and concepts.

  • Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal

    On-line journal devoted to the promotion of social-scientific approaches to the study of paranormal experiences, beliefs and phenomena in all of their varied guises.

  • Research on Spirituality and Paranormal Phenomena

    Contains articles on spirituality and parapsychology, and links.

  • Three Writers in Search of the Paranormal

    Review from books on paranormal phenomena includes approaches, types of findings, and personality revelation.

  • Unifaculty

    Provides distance learning and paranormal courses, hypnosis training and forensic parapsychology.

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