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Handwriting Analysis Services

Abby Eagle's School of Meditation

Helps increase meditation with NLP, health, and personal sessions.

American Graphological Centers

Presents handwriting analysis material for personality interpretations.

David Bennett

Handwriting analyst provides personality assessments on personality, lecturing and corporate hospitality.

Diva and Dina

Provides information on handwriting analysis and what it reveals, and handwriting samples.

Fausto Brugnatell - Handwriting Analysis

Provides images and descriptions of real cases.

G. Papa and Associates

Handwriting consultants offers expert opinion, examination and analysis on graphology, handwriting psychophysiology and sciences.

Graphic Insight - Handwriting Analysis

Features tool that reveal personality and explore human behavior, and books on handwriting analysis.


Offers different types of handwriting analysis like test, deluxe, super deluxe, and premium services with respecting prices.


Consultants share definition of graphology, background, sample analysis, handwriting of da Vinci, forum, and evolution of handwriting.

Handwriting Examiner Sheila Lowe's Portal Page

Court-qualified forensic handwriting examiner includes products, services, and continuing education options.


Service on handwriting analysis includes self-awareness, compatibility, employee section and career.

Hawkeye Studios

Forensic and personal graphology lab, based in Calgary, Alberta. Gives service details, contacts, and payment options.

Healing and Life Changes through Handwriting Analysis

Discusses purpose, aids, and techniques on handwriting analysis.

Jens Pens

Offers expertise on handwriting analysis, graphotherapy, grapholigist, and calligraphy.

Keith Rosario

Consultant graphologist offers service to corporate and personal with lectures and workshops.

Linda Hencher

Graphologist features handwriting analysis, sample styles and strokes, training courses and articles.

Linda James

Handwriting and document examiner specializes in area of investigations and renders opinions to criminal and civil matters.

Margaret Webb

Graphologist determines character from pressure, rhythm, movements and spacing of person's handwriting.

Moore Document Laboratory

Expert specializes in signature and hand printing identification, and handwriting.


Provides handwriting analysis services, reports, kit, and employment solutions and guidance.

Ruth Myers

Provides and assists handwriting and personality analysis services.

ScribblePrint - Handwriting Analysis

Contains sample of handwriting with its corresponding representation and meaning.

Theresa Dean

Handwriting expert and private investigator offers forensic document examination and handwriting identification, lectures, litigation support and behavior profiling.

The Write Truth

Susanne Shapiro's services include court document and work application analyses, in-depth personal analyses, and educational entertainment. Los Angeles, California

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