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Applied Ecopsychology Programs

Strengthens environmental thinking and relations, and features research, academic courses, training, and jobs.

Art-To-Earth, Inc.

Encourages environmental awareness through art, and explores the relationship between humans and nonhuman world.

Creativity, Healing, and Shamanism - The Workshop

Educates participants on Shaman's art and explores religious perspective of the common threads on many creeds.

Ecology of Mind

Includes connection between the activities of the human species and the natural environment.


Emerging synthesis of ecology and psychology features forum, essays, and research.

Ecopsychology - connecting our mental health to our environmental behavior

Investigates environmental revolution, green politics and behavior, Freudian psychology, and ecological unconscious.

Educating and Counseling With Nature

Provides multiple-intelligence sensory tools on eliminating excessive disconnection from nature.

Hoop and the Tree

Integrates modern psychology and provides resources for personal growth, ecopsychology, mythology, spirituality, psychology, and counseling.

International Community for Ecopsychology

Features issues, readings, events, and directory of researchers, and provides forum on human-nature relationships.

Journal of Environmental Psychology

Journal on the study of transactions and interrelationships between people and sociophysical surroundings.

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