Qualitative Methodology Tools in the Best of the Web Directory

Qualitative Methodology Tools

  • Aquad Sechs

    Content analysis without transcription and texts provides automatic coding, word and table analysis, construction and comparison.

  • Archives of QUAL-SOFTWARE

    Contains lists of qual-software from different versions and applications.

  • Athelstan

    Source books and software related linguistics and computer language learning provides category and bestseller’s lists, news, information and contents.

  • ATLAS.ti

    Provides a workbench for qualitative data analysis.

  • Code-A-Text

    Contains materials like software for analysis and research instruments, news updates and content overview.

  • Concordance

    Highlights the advantages, usage and application of a text analysis software.

  • Ethnograph

    Versatile computer program provides analysis for data collection, easy search and handles project data files.

  • Euro Word Net

    Free and public association that builds multilingual database provides semantic framework and stimulate wordnets building.

  • GB Software

    Conducts research and software development on content analysis and provides service using PCAD 2000 software.

  • General Inquirer

    Computer assisted approach for content analysis of textual data, available for academic research and process text files.

  • Glossa Net

    Search engine for daily access of online newspapers, information retrieval and attestations of words.

  • Inflow

    Set of software tools for social and organizational network analysis.

  • MaxQDA

    Supports qualitative data analysis, develops theories, and tests theoretical conclusions of analysis.

  • Morphix-NLP

    Live CD Linux break the software acquisition and installation barrier in NLP, and promotes natural language processing among average computer users.

  • NetMiner

    Software tools for social network analysis allows people to analyze network data, patterns and structures.

  • Predictive Text Analytics

    Enables organizations to explore unstructured information through text mining and improves accuracy of predictive models.

  • Provalis Research

    Product performs statistical, content and qualitative data analysis, and text mining.

  • QDA Miner

    Qualitative data analysis software for coding textual data, annotating, retrieving and reviewing coded data and documents.

  • QSR Software

    Product analyzes numerical data, detailed textual and multimedia data, and examines qualitative information virtually.

  • ResearchWare

    Tool enables coding and retrieving, building theories and conducting analysis of data.

  • Semantic-Knowledge

    Accelerates reading date, analyzes in-depth and objectively, extracts relevant information, and classifies structure information automatically.

  • Social Science Automation

    Specializes in the development of software tools and customized coding schemes.

  • Sphinx Development

    Provides clients with advanced methods and techniques for survey design and analysis, and creates user-friendly software.

  • Swedish Morphological Society

    Organization develops and disseminates knowledge on the scientific use of morphological analysis, its theory and practice.

  • Tams Analyzer

    Open source package used for textual themes analysis, digital media transcribing, and conducting of discourse analysis.

  • Text Analysis Computing Tools

    Text-analysis and retrieval system for MS-DOS permits inquiries on text databases.

  • TextGrab

    Command line program is a tool for the content analysis that copies text files from a web site to the hard disk.

  • TextQuest

    Application includes coding of responses of open-ended questions, and content, readability, vocabulary and style analysis.

  • T-Lab

    Software consists of linguistic and statistical tool that helps extract, compare and map the contents of different kinds of texts.

  • Transana

    Software is open source that analyzes and manages data, identifies, creates collection and arranges clips, and assigns keywords.

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