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Methodology Articles

Constructive/ist Response to Glaser

Article by Antony Bryant on the grounded theory method.

Constructivist Grounded Theory

Scholarly inspirational article by Barney G. Glaser talks about the fundamental issues on grounded theory.

Electronic and Digital Resources on Learning Opportunities

Grounded theory approach by Alison Jane Pickard regarding the impact of 21st century resources on learning for youth.

Information Seeking in the Newsroom

Article by Hannele Fabritus talks about the application of cognitive framework for analysis of the work context.

Research Strategy for a Developing Country

Research by Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim describes a research initiative in a developing country.

Using Grounded Theory to Interpret Interviews

Studies by Linda Jo Calloway and Constance A. Knapp compares employ grounded theory to investigate information systems development tools.

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