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Semantics and Metaphor

ATT-Meta Project - Metaphor, Metonymy and Mental States

Concerns on metaphor-based reasoning and metaphorical description of mental states and utterances.

Cognitive Theory of Metaphor Applied to Religious Texts

Case study exemplifies both prospects and limitations in dealing with religious aspects.

Cyberspace is a Parallel World

Paper examines metaphors incorporated on computer technology, which includes mapping to reveal how language evolves.

Forceville, Charles

Presents writer’s education and beliefs, works and peer-reviewed articles.

Frequency of Original Metaphors in Literary and Nonliterary Texts

Explains the positive correlation between the degree of literariness of the genre and the total number of original and moderately conventional findings.

From Icon to Metaphor - Studies in the Semiotics of the Hieroglyphs

Presents theory and sources for the realms of the study, and shows appeal of the hieroglyphic signs.

Language of Metaphors

Resource contains examples, exercises and tests, linguistic approaches to artificial intelligence, essays and publications.

Notes towards the Analysis of Metaphor

Reconstructs concept and reasoning and leads to variety of qualitative approaches.

Oslon Zaltman Associates

Research and consulting firm provides understanding marketing, communication, and organizational strategies.

Tune, Mark

Studies higher-order cognitive operations, with provides book reviews, lectures, articles, and recent presentations.

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