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Japanese Language Resources

Basic Japanese Language Course

Presents translation and vocabulary lists for lesson, system files, worksheet, grammar and writing.

Bilingualism and Japanology Intersection

Contains original publications, selected articles, presentations and language guides.

Charles Kelly's Online Japanese Language Study Materials

Develops learning materials such as vocabulary quizzes, reading cards, practice, and signs.

Japanese Word of the Day

A free daily learning tool for the Japanese language.

Japanese/English Windows95 Issues

Archives support, external tours, word document, and produces.

Jim Breen's Japanese Page

Provides information on computing projects and dictionaries, and list of resources.


Dedicated to provide access to dictionaries, resources, language, grammar and writing lessons.

Real Kana

Practice learning tool on Japanese' syllabaries, the hiragana and katakana.

Romaji Translator

Online transliteration tool converts Japanese text to romaji or hiragana.


Includes Japanese lessons on Kanji, idiom and history, exercises, and gallery.

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