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Germanic English Language

  • American Dialect

    Covers scholarly and literary worlds of dialectology, synthesis of various conflicting studies, and resource lists.

  • Barlteby – American Language

    Defines distinguishing characteristics of American English. Contains bibliographic record, subject index, and word and phrase list.

  • BBC Radio 4: Roots of English

    Companion site to the radio programme which explored the origins and roots of the English language, with sections on dialects, the spread of English around the world, and evolving English.

  • Be/Have Variation with Intransitive Verbs during the Restoration Period

    Aims to study the be/have paradigm and examines contexts and parameters used by the two variant forms. With overall survey of the data.

  • The Best of British: The American's Guide to Speaking British

    Presents an extensive and often humourous look at the differences in language between British English and US English.

  • English Grammar Gone Awry

    Guide gives attention to common words and expression errors, and promotes proper use of the language.

  • English Speaking Union (ESU) - Scotland

    An independent member of the ESU international network, dedicated to the promotion of international friendship and human achievement through the English language; includes details of their programmes, membership, and history.

  • English-Speaking Union (ESU)

    An international charity that aims to promote "global understanding through the shared use of the English language". Includes details of UK and international branches, conferences, and their debating, public speaking, scholarship and student exchange programmes.

  • Kill the Apostrophe

    A website for those who want to remove the apostrophe from the English language; includes articles, resources, and links.

  • Language Links

    Outline includes grammar and usage, columns and magazines, newsgroups, references, word games and play, and vocabulary development.

  • Phonetic English

    Expands and simplifies spelling and sound, with application and arithmetic samples.

  • Queen's English Society

    Dedicated to promoting and upholding the use of good English.

  • Social Intellect Reformation

    Presents universal code, binary implementation, games, and system of symbolic logic characters.

  • Word of Mouth

    BBC podcast series exploring the world of words and the ways in which they are used.

  • Words in English

    A wide ranging resource about the English language, its history, the origins of its words, and its current modern characteristics.

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