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Find sites covering the history and development of shorthand systems plus other stenography resources.
  • A Guide to Alternative Writing and Shorthand Systems

    Outlines the advantages and disadvantages of different shorthand systems.

  • BBC Today: A Quick Shorthand Test

    Article from November 09 debating whether or not journalists in the UK should still be required to learn shorthand.

  • Dutton Speedwords Dictionary

    Transcription of the dictionary for Dutton Speedwords, an international auxiliary language as well a shorthand writing system.

  • Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Dictionary

    Searchable database of the 4000 most frequently used words in Gregg Shorthand Anniversary Edition.

  • Handywrite

    Introduces this shorthand system, which is partially based on Gregg Shorthand.

  • The Incorporated Phonographic Society

    British membership organisation for professional shorthand users. Includes information on meetings and membership, with photographs.

  • The Joy of Pitman Shorthand

    Features extensive information on the history and basics of Pitman Shorthand, plus videos, transcribed song lyrics, shorthand as art and analysis of writing samples.

  • Keyscript Shorthand

    Features Keyscript Shorthand, invented by the site author and based on Pitman but using only lower case letters of the alphabet. Includes samples and information on a course.

  • Pitman for Geeks

    Features an introduction to Pitman Shorthand, plus an annotated literary sample and useful mnemonics.

  • The Shorthand Place

    Provides information on the history of shorthand, plus articles and lesson in the T-Script shorthand method.

  • Shorthand Shorthand Shorthand

    Analyzes different versions of Gregg Shorthand and offers free audio files for dictation practice at different speeds. Also includes many speed building tips.

  • Stenographer's Guild

    Offers fifteen free online lessons with audio, aiming to teach the basics of Pitman Shorthand with audio explanations.

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