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International Auxiliary Languages

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Category gives access to portals for international auxiliary languages such as Esperanto, Ido, and Interlingua.
  • Atlango

    International, Euroamerican auxiliary language used as lingua franca and bridges different cultures and traditions.

  • Auxlangs

    Explains differences of selected artificial languages and its common usage.

  • Ayola

    Constructed language with distinctive expression and usage in the international communication.

  • Earth Language

    Serves as common auxiliary language based on visual symbols. Includes vocabularies and definitions.

  • International Auxiliary Language

    Provides information on several known languages and materials and includes their history, terminologies, and discussions.

  • Lingua Franca Nova

    Language for international communication with limited phonemes and affixes, and regular grammar.

  • Media Glyphs Project

    Creates intermediary written language with images and translations, in an effort to create a common language for the world.

  • Mondlango

    Contains FAQs, dialogue, alphabet, and series of lessons.

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