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Discover information for the fictional Tolkienian languages, with links to font resources.
  • Alcar Endóreo

    Provides information on languages and the writing system of Tolkien's Elves. With updates and links.

  • Ardalambion

    Devoted to Tolkienian linguistics, with information on Quenya and Sindarin.

  • Black Speech

    Codifies Ring-inscription and Orc-curse by Tolkien, and Olympic and Ring-verse.

  • Eldalamberon

    Presents new book issue, songs, linguistic fellowship, arts, and Kim Robertson.

  • Elfling Mailing List

    Elvish linguistics forum includes discussion on the Tolkien-invented languages. With FAQs and sample translations.

  • Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

    International organization devoted to the study of Tolkien's invented languages. Includes FAQs, resources, and articles.

  • Gl?mscrafu: Tolkein's Linguistic Cellar

    Covers most of Tolkein's language and illustrates each with texts and sound clips.

  • Hänäthlîêr

    Contains dictionary and lessons, alphabet, and sample sounds and symbols.

  • Quenya Grammar Re-examined

    Details major revision, symbols, case systems, vocabulary, and text analysis.

  • Sindarin - The Noble Tongue

    Offers a detailed technical analysis of Welsh inspired Sindarin.

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