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Resources listed here are for fictional constructed language such as Klingon, Romulan, Tolkienian, and Vulcan.
  • Abakwi Grammar

    Contains basic descriptive grammar of the language with sounds, sentence structure and vocabulary.

  • Adelic Language

    Provides information on its origin, a series of grammar lessons, dictionary, collection of translations and guide.

  • Argtxep - Argpal Writing

    Introduces project on artificial language called Esperanto. Includes transcriptions and explanations.

  • Concise Grammar of Feorran

    Language of the Antarctic language families. Includes introduction, texts and lexicons.

  • Constructed Languages

    Presents tool for language construction, bibliography, database, exercises, selection of fonts and list of related links.

  • Da M├Ątz se Basa

    Lost constructed human language from high German. Provides list of classification, history and overview, and texts.

  • Esata - The New Personal International Language

    Study describes the proposed language, with list of vocabularies, alphabet, and syllables.

  • Etrer'aous

    Presents learnings on the language, related links and sample phrases and texts.

  • Fukhian

    Study on constructed agglutinating human language includes grammar, script and font samples.

  • Gevey Language Reference

    Contains description, stories and translations, and a guide with an overview on intonation.

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