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Language and Linguistic Academic Departments

Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies

Advanced institute established in Aberystwyth (Wales), which organizes seminars and meetings devoted to the study of Celtic linguistics and literature, as well as that of the Welsh language in particular.

Georgetown University

Offers background, programs, courses, faculty, resources, forms, and events information.

Indiana University

Discusses the department, graduate and undergraduate programs, calendar, faculty, and labs.

Lancaster University

Consists of research information, staff links, news and events.

Language Learning Center - University of Washington

Features class listings, events and general information.


Offers department information, job ads and events.

Rice University

Relates department overview, research activities, people, programs, courses, and upcoming events.

Swarthmore College

Details course listings, student papers, events and job openings.

University of Arizona

Contains people information, events, news and research.

University of California, Davis

Looks at news and events, people, programs, and courses in the department.

University of Cambridge

Consists of research projects, resources, staff-student liasons and news.

University of College Dublin

Offers faculty pages, department information and general admission guidelines.

University of Colorado at Boulder

Contains overview, news and events, courses and programs, resources, and application information.

University of Hawaii

Features general information, related programs and degree listings.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Linguistics Department

Furnishes history, news, events, publications, people, research, facilities, and ESL courses.

University of Kansas

Details admission information liguistic links and faculty lists.

University of London: School of Oriental and African Studies

Addresses staff, research, programs, seminars, events, resources, and department facts.

University of Manitoba

Examines people, news and events, programs, courses, publications, papers, and laboratory.

University of Massachusetts

Features alumni information, course listings, and schedules.

University of New Mexico

Features linguistic information, graduate program listings and resources.

University of Rochester

Contains program links, course listings, events and degrees offered.

University of Victoria

Contains course listings, research studies and program information.

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