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GIS Utilities

Cedra-AV Series Software and Consulting Services

Production oriented software dedicated to the development of engineering software, and brings GIS environment and data maintenance.

Clark Labs

Dedicated to research and development of geospatial technologies for decision-making on environmental management, sustainable resource development and equitable resource allocation.


Extension or wrapper for PHP enables PHP scripts to access shapefiles used in GIS applications, and allows shape-files creation and shape adding.


Tool designed for computer aided field data collection offers flexible plot design, multi-level databases, application developments, map screen functions, and grid utilities.


Data exchange mechanism for land information systems consists of conceptual description language and transfer format permits compatibility among various systems and long-term availability.

Open Source GIS

Complete index of open sources or free GIS related software projects includes descriptive text.


Software-only solution for geocoding photos with latitude and longitude information provides functionality like GPS camera.

Safe Software

Industry leader in spatial extract, transform and load technologies provides both spatial data translation or transformation solutions and professional services.

Shape Viewer

Free tool for ESRI shape files use opens files that contain geometry information with extension.shp and creates new and empty file for shape files.

Travel Distance Calculator

Service includes calculating distances between countries and major cities like European, American, Asian, Australia and Pacific.

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