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K Through 12 Geography Education

Adventure Learning Foundation

Non-profit organization that offers services for curricula augmentation resources. Contains expedition archives from various countries around the world.

Africa Map Puzzle

Fun and educational map puzzle game from the countries of Africa and its capitals.

Alaska Native Curriculum and Teacher Development Program

Brings together teams of teachers, elders, and community members in various parts of Alaska to develop curricula native studies and languages.

Canadian Geographic

Geographic exploration and discovery includes information from magazine issues, newsletter, mapping, store, adventures and contact.

Drive Around the World - Education

Shares experiences and knowledge on variety of geography, climates and cultures, and provides guides to cross-cultural awareness.

Early Childhood: Where Learning Begins

Publication on geography, with references, glossary, and resources.

Geography Games

List of links on various quizzes, puzzles, and challenge boards.

Geography Pages

Lists collection of resources and links on different stages, thinking skills and bookshops, user guides, and blogs.

Hampstead School - Geography Department

Contains lesson updates, research archive, events list and resources.

Houghton Mifflin - GeoNet

Interactive game for kids with maps, selection of categories, quizzes and series of trivia.

Internet Geographer

Presents directory of geography links, quiz pages, question and message board, activities and FAQs.

Internet Geography

Contains factual information on geographical topics like physical, human, economic, environmental and country studies.

Lesson Tutor - Ancient Egypt Pt. 1

Contains facts and data, activities, and various terms and definitions.


Provides extensive resources for educators, students, and anyone interested in geographic horizons, perspectives, explorations on geography-related activities, maps and globes, news, facts, stories and compilations.

Maps that Teach

Archive of interactive maps from around the world, atlas, puzzles, and downloads.

Middle East Map Puzzle

Presents educational game with learning on several countries and their capitals.

National Center for Geographic Information Analysis Curriculum

Provides fundamental course materials and compilation of several lectures in geography and its related technology.

Native Tech

Resource for indigenous ethno-technology focuses on the arts of Eastern Woodland Indian peoples provides historical and contemporary background with instructional references.

Odyssey - Teacher Zone

Virtual world trek helps students learn diverse cultures and critical global issues.

Standard Grade Geography

Collection of topics, comprehensive information and exercises from climate to land use, industry to international relations.

Vermont Geographic Alliance

Supported by a grant, this resource aims to make geography curricula interesting to K-12 students.

World Features Map Puzzle

Highlights major rivers, mountains, deserts and rain forests that influences human beings.

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