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Ethnic Conflict Studies

Documentaire - Imagining the State

Journal with stories of people living in states with names, flags, currencies and governments without recognition.

Ethnic Conflict Information Centre

Presents the "Fields of Fire," an atlas of ethnic conflict along with conflict news and related links.

Ethnic Conflict Research Digest

Publishes peer reviews, journal articles and research papers on the dynamics and management of ethnic conflict.

European Center for Minority Issues

Advances majority-minority relations through action, research and documentation, and supports the stabilization of areas of ethno-political tension and conflict of society and government.

Institute for Conflict Research

Independent research organization which specializes in working on issues related to conflict, social transformation and social justice.

International Center of Excellence for the Study of Peace and Conflict

Increase understanding of the causes of conflict, methods of resolving without recourse to violent means and advances reconciliation process.

Specialist Group on Ethnopolitics

International network of academics and practitioners focusing on the field of ethnicity-based politics. Aims to facilitate research on ethnopolitics and to enhance teaching and information exchange.

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