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Official Economic Statistics in Europe

Albania - Institute of Statistics

Source of statistical information for decisions makers, research and education in Albania.

Austria - Statistics

Responsible for performing scientific services in the area of federal statistics.

Basque Statistics Office

Assesses governments, economic and social agents in decision-making based on objective and clear statistical information.

Bulgaria - National Statistical Institute

Disseminates statistical data to government officials, media, and regional statistical bureau.

Croatia - Central Bureau of Statistics

Performs regular statistical surveys, and features publications, censuses, databases, news, and links.

Czech Statistical Office

Presents information on census and data, news archive, publications, population updates, registers and databases, and public services.

Denmark - Statistics

Presents statistical products and disseminations, guides, key indicators, news, and database.

Estonia Statistics

Provides information service on economic, demographic, social and environmental situation and trends in Estonia.

European Central Bank Statistics

Supports and compiles statistics and monetary policy, and collects data from institutions and respective countries.

Finland - Statistics

Government agency presents its organization, strategy, finances and operating environment.

Georgia - Statistics

Develops materials for agricultural census and accounting of the available land, and determines the norms for data distribution.

Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Designs and conducts surveys, recording, storing of data, analysis, and dissemination.

Incomes Data Services

Research organization provides information and analysis, and focuses on employment-related areas.

Ireland - Central Statistics Office

Collects, extracts and disseminates information on economic, social and general activities and conditions for statistical purposes.

Ireland - Statistics

Division includes economic and social statistics, resources and services, which deal with statistics on public finances, data collection and surveys.

Italy - National Institute of Statistics

Presents activities and organization chart, programs of conferences, workshops, and events, press releases, data banks, books, and statistical information system.

Latvia - Central Statistical Bureau

Bureau provides comparable statistical information on economical, demographic, social and environmental phenomena and processes.

Lithuanian Department of Statistics

Public institution employs methodological principles in analysis, process and release of statistical data on economic, social, demographic and environmental changes.

Macedonia State Statistical Office

Disseminates marketing statistical information through publication, conducts surveys, and improves marketing strategy and databases.

Malta - National Statistics Office

Serves statistical information needs of parliament, government and community through protection of data and responsive statistical service.

National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies

Portal on the profiles of French regions, population census, statistical series, enterprise data, and local authorities.

Norway - Statistics

Provides information on the structure and development of society, and processes statistics and analysis for public debate, and economic and social policy management.

Poland - Central Statistical Office

Displays statistical information, basic data, databanks and databases, glossary, international statistics, and publication.

Portugal - National Institute of Statistics

Produces and disseminates official statistical information, and promotes coordination, development and knowledge of national statistics activity.

Republic of Belarus - Ministry of Statistics and Analysis

Elaborates grounded statistical methodology, and collects, processes, and protects statistical data.

Slovak Republic - Statistical Office

Details international statistics, standard data dissemination, census, and indicators on economic development.

Slovenia - Statistical Office

Carries program of statistical surveys, determines methodological and classification standards, and disseminates data.

Spain - National Statistics Institute

Institution is in charge in public statistic operations like economic censuses, national accounts, and social statistics and indicators.

Sweden Statistics

Coordinates and supports Swedish system for official statistics used for decision-making, debate and research.

Swiss Statistics

Provides data indicators, news, regional information, publications, e-survey, and forums.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

Fosters sustainable economic growth, and provides forum for communication on economic and environmental analysis.

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