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Game Theory

Agent-based Computational Economics

Computational study of economic processes modeled as dynamic systems of interacting agents.

Aviezri Fraenkel's Home Page

Features bibliography and resources about combinatorial games.

Combinatorial Games by Erik Demaine

Features a survey paper, research and references.

European Voting Games

Introduces game theory for assessing European union decision-making and features documents and papers, books, reports, journals, and software.

Gambit Software Tools for Game Theory

Library contains software and tools for construction and analysis of strategic games, graphic user interface, scripting applications, and C++ source code.

Game Theory and the Law

Applies tool of game theory and information economics, and organizes solutions concepts, and different kinds of legal problems.

Game Theory Society

Promotes investigation, teaching and application of game theory.


Includes resource materials of game theory, applications, lessons, and lists of lecture notes and textbooks.

Grand Coalition

Provides information and resources on coalition formation, cooperative and non-cooperative game theory research.

Herbert Gintis' Web Site

Offering papers, class material, and the evolution of game theory.

Political Sim

Simulation shows way of democratic voting, candidate rankings, rules, and question and answers.

Practical Experiments in Game Theory

Provides basic course in game and didactic tools for electronic experiments.

Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Applet

Introduces the prisoner's dilemma game against five opponents with different personalities.

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