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Economic Forecasting and Consulting

  • ACIL Tasman Pty Ltd

    Economic consulting practice provides innovative solutions, and economic, policy and strategic analysis and advice.

  • Applied Forecasting

    Independent portal facilitates interaction between researchers, practitioners and students, and provides news, events calendar and links.

  • The Brattle Group

    Provides consulting and expert testimony in economics, finance, and regulation to corporations, law firms, and governments around the world.

  • Cambridge Economic Policy Associates

    Economic and financial policy business provides advise in areas of emerging markets, regulatory economics and competition, and public policy.

  • Case Associates

    Provides economic and competitive analysis, assess economics, and assists senior management in competition, regulatory and court proceedings.

  • Challenge Network

    Forum on senior planning and management in commerce and public sector, and provides scenarios, strategies and foresights.

  • Consensus Economics

    Economic survey organization covers estimates for principal macroeconomic indicators.

  • Csil Milano

    Market research institute provides data and forecasts, and monitors worldwide furniture and appliances sectors.

  • Cummings Economics

    Provides economic, statistical and demographic research, and social impact assessments.

  • Econometrix

    Service includes economic analysis, forecasting, computer models and consultation.

  • Economic Cycle Research Institute

    Monitors cyclic indexes for major economies, and interprets data to forecast.

  • Economist Incorporated

    Economic consulting firm offers consulting and facilitating services to legal counsel, businesses, agencies and multilateral organizations.

  • Econosystems

    Economic consulting firm offers strategic economic and market information for decision-making and planning.

  • e-Forecasting

    Presents business forecasting, unique indicators, analysis and information on business and economic conditions.

  • Elliott D. Pollack and Company

    Service includes economic and fiscal impact analysis, market and feasibility studies, land economics, expert witness, and keynote speaking.

  • Enrich Consulting, Inc.

    Provides tools and services for project assessment and management consulting services.

  • eQuotient, Inc.

    Specializes in project evaluation, impact analysis, public policy research, survey, and geographic information systems.

  • Europe Economics

    Applied economics consultancy focuses in economic regulation, competition policy and application to public policy and business issues.

  • Forecast Center

    Company disseminates forecasts and analysis to businesses and professionals.

  • Forecasting Principles

    Summarizes knowledge and information on forecasting that include principles and sources.

  • Future Tool Kit

    Presents forecast and scenarios, practice, tools, services, and ideas.

  • Haver Analytics

    Specializes in database and software products for economic analysis and business decision-making.

  • HYSTA Estudios y Proyectos S.A.

    Consulting agency provides professional services like sanitation, institutional privatizations, hydric resources management, and roads projects.

  • Infoshop

    Hosts and publishes market research firms, and provides products and customer service to business Japanese and Asian markets.

  • International Consulting Economists’ Association

    Facilitates networking and exchange of information, identifies opportunities, and promotes new methods of analysis and approaches.

  • Open Options Corporation

    Consulting firm uses game theory, and organizes critical knowledge on complex strategy issues.

  • Oxford Economics

    Combines quantitative analysis with information on global economic environment, and provides evidence-based business and public policy advice.

  • Precision Economics, LLC

    Service includes expertise in litigation, regulation, public policy, valuation, international trade, and transfer pricing.

  • Public and Corporate Economic Consultants

    Economic consultancy practice improves economic and social well-being, and provides solutions to economic development and regeneration.

  • RBB Economics

    Specializes in providing advice on economic aspects of competition law assignments.

  • Reckon LLP

    London-based consultancy firm specializes in area of competition law, economic regulation, and policy analysis.

  • Stratfor

    Online publisher of geopolitical intelligence offering insights into political, economic, and military developments. Offers free features as well as member-only articles.

  • UCLA Anderson Forecast

    Independent forecast provides insights for the economies of California and the United States.

  • Vorsim

    Set of computer programs for building, organizing, operating, and managing models as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

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