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Social Credit Alternative Currency System

Columbia Encyclopedia - Social Credit

Presents unequal distribution of purchasing power problems fundamental and results to economic depression.

Community Currency Alternative

Proposes selection of substitutes to be used in place of money. Provides profile of author and contact details.

Market Oracle: An Emergency Program of Monetary Reform for the United States

Discusses the design and notions implied in options proposed for application as alternative to the use of currency.

Money Facts and Monetary Controversies

Indexes links to sites that propose alternative choices to money or currency.

School of Studies - Social Credit

Contains concepts of economics and politics that deals between man and the society.

Social Credit

Explains about money supply increase, prices, creating and lending out extra credit, and impacts on politics.

Transaction Net: Important Terms and Concepts

Compiles definitions of words used in describing and discussing ideas or utilization of money and other economic systems.

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