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Economics Educational Institutes and Councils

California State University, Fullerton - Center for Economic Education

Promotes economic literacy in k-12 schools, higher learning institutions, and community through curriculum development and consultation, workshops, courses, materials and research.

Center for Economic Education Operation Outreach

Increases economic literacy through workshops and services on graduate courses, professional developments, trainings, and curriculum consulting.

Georgia Council on Economic Education

Provides workshops and materials to teachers, special classroom programs, trainings and supports.

Hawaii Council on Economic Education

Promotes and improves teaching of economics, and increases economic and financial literacy to students and residents. Activities includes market simulation, outreach and contests.

Indiana Council for Economic Education

Prepares students to be active citizens and member of the economy, and enhances economic decision-making ability.

James Madison University: Center for Economic Education

Devoted to developing and improving understanding on the concepts of economics, especially for teachers of grade-schoolers.

Kansas Council on Economic Education

Helps k-12 teachers to integrate economics and personal finance into the curriculum.

Missouri Council on Economic Education

Provides various subject on training programs. Archives articles, resources, and company information.

National Council on Economic Education

Promotes economic literacy, develops real-life skills, and establishes programs and tools for economics and personal finance applications.

UM-St. Louis - Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Education

Teaches k-12 classrooms through teacher education and curriculum development, and enhances economic education experience.

UNO - Center for Economic Education

Improves economic literacy and provides educational trainings and materials to students and teachers.

Virginia Council on Economic Education

Non-profit organization provides understanding in basic economic principles, and develops decision-making skills.

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