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Economics Education

  • Ace Publications

    Resources for economics teaching includes simulations, games, stories, role plays, puzzles, case studies and literacy enhancers.

  • Amos Web: Economics

    Compiles news updates, quotations, articles, and guidelines to practical application.

  • BeerGame

    Logistic game develops thinking and reactions to various situations, and enhances memory to effective cost reduction.

  • Economic-Truth

    Contains academic essays and notes that covers wide range of economics by level of study or subjects.

  • EcoSim - An Interactive Simulation

    Designed for study in the principles of economics and finance, intermediate microelectronics, public finance, mathematical and managerial economics.

  • Electronic Statistics Textbook

    Provides understanding and application of statistics that covers variety of applications, laboratory research, business statistics and forecasting, survey research, data mining, and quality control applications.

  • Foundation for Teaching Economics

    Improves economic education, designs lesson plans, offers seminars and free workshops, provides classroom support, and enhances economic way of thinking about national and international issues.

  • Global Economics Game

    Educational software game stimulates macroeconomic activity in global context, and promotes economic growth without excessive pollution.

  • Gus A. Stavros Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education

    Connects educators, business leaders, and entrepreneurs and advances teaching and integration of free enterprise and economic education to pre-K-20 curricula.

  • IMF Center - EconEd

    Promotes health of global economy, and develops educational activities and resources in understanding history of money, macroeconomics, international monetary cooperation, and value of global trade.

  • Indonesia Project

    Center of research and graduate training monitors and analyzes recent economic developments in Indonesia, and stimulates economic research.

  • Journal of Economic Education

    Contains original articles on the evaluations of economic teaching techniques, materials, and programs.

  • Stossel in the Classroom

    Features lesson plans and curriculum for teachers and students. Used for teaching and learning on the different concepts of economics.

  • ThinkEconomics

    Illustrates basic economic principles, develops analytic and deductive reasoning skills, and provides economic models in analyzing and understanding economic phenomena.

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