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Economic History

1987 Stock Market Crash

Provides understanding on the crash of 1987 in its historical context, illustrations, causes, theories and psychological explanations.

Analysis of the Communist Manifesto

Provides information, synopsis and analysis on the revolutionized history of communist manifesto.

Ancient Economies

Economist Morris Silver presents details on the unsettled or disputed aspects of ancient economies and the entire Mediterranean world.

Annuity Museum

Presents collection of original and antique documents and artifacts, preserves cultural and economic annuities, and fosters scholarly research about cultures.


Presents data, cases studies and FAQs on business organizations and resources on business profiles, ratio analysis theory and practice, and financial database.

Business History

Lists different businesses that include histories, products, and cultures.

Business History Books

Enumerates manuscripts and discussions on the industry's establishment process. Inflation Calculator

Calculator uses Consumer Price Index (CPI) to measure the purchasing power of the dollar for any time between 1913 to present.

Costs and Wages in Great Britain

Features a brief chart of wages in the 18th and 19th centuries, with random costs from the 1850s, 1860s, and 1906.

Department of Economics, University of Virginia

Examines economic events and arrangements through the theory of economics.

Directory of Corporate Archives in the United States and Canada

Contains alphabetical entries by name of corporation, index by name of archivist and geographical.

Economic History Association

Promotes teaching, research, and publication in every aspect of Economic History. Contains history, meetings, membership, grants, and publications.

Economics: Economic History

Indexes links of manuscripts, includes name of publisher, short descriptions, and author.

Economy Professor

Provides explanation on the models of economic phenomena, and library as source of economics.


Supports scholars of Economic History with resources including databases, encyclopedia, course syllabi, and mailing lists. Shares book reviews, directory, and related sites.


Discussion network studies business enterprise and organization interactions with society, government, and culture.

History House - Tulipomania

Explains the garden of tulip's purpose on medical research.

History of Economics Society

Promotes interest in the history of economics, facilitates communication and discourse among scholars, and disseminates knowledge.

History of Technological Innovation in New Zealand

Creates competitive environment for businesses and institutions, and introduces new technologies, research and development.

History of the 80s

Includes examination of the banking crises of the 1980s and early 1990, national issues, sectoral groups, analysis of tools, and symposium proceedings.

History of the Dow Jones Averages

Introduces industrial and creation of industrial average, and presents chronology and evolution.

History of the Eighties — Lessons for the Future

Presents detailed analysis of economic, financial, legislative and regulatory causes, evaluations, and assessment.

Merrimack Films - Features on Labor History

Presents films like Union Democracy, Loose Bolts, Crisis Bargaining, Unions in Crisis, and Struggling Unions.

Museum of American Finance

Independent public museum celebrates entrepreneurship and the democratic free market tradition.

National Accounts of the Netherlands, 1800-1913

Presents brief introduction, final estimates and tables of version, source files, publications and final research report and links.

Sears Archives

Contains collection of stories, product and brand histories, photographs, catalog images and stores.

Stock Market Crash

Seeks to demystify events that commonly occur in financial markets.

Tax History Project

Public service initiative provides general public information on US public finance history.

Tax World - History of Taxation

Features historical terms, chronology, and a tax history project.

Treasure and Prices in Spain 1505-1650

Explains connection between inflow of treasure and the rise in prices, statistics, data and the export of gold and silver.

University of Reading: Business School

Details offered programs and courses that deal with the study of economics and entrepreneurship.

The World Economy

Based on the work by Angus Maddison. Presents an overview of world development and world economy, with links to expanded information.

WWW Virtual Library Economic and Business History

Comprehensive economics and business history directory from the WWW Virtual Library system.

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