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Social Sciences Southeast Asian Studies

The American Institute for Indonesian Studies (AIFIS)

Nonprofit educational organization created to foster scholarly exchange between Indonesian and American scholars.

Center for Advanced Philippine Studies (CAPS)

Research and development foundation focusing on the pursuit of new knowledge useful in addressing present problems and challenges in the Philippines.

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Presents news, podcasts, events information, announcements, videos, and resource links.

Committee on Research Materials on Southeast Asia (CORMOSEA)

Committee of the Southeast Asia Council (SEAC) of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) created to enhance the gathering and availability of research materials related to Southeast Asia.

Cornell Modern Indonesia Collection

Collection of interim reports, translations, monographs, and bibliographies related to Indonesia's political and social development throughout the 20th Century.

Cornell University Southeast Asia Program

Designated National Resource Center promoting advanced foreign language training and international knowledge in the liberal arts and applied discipline focusing on Southeast Asia.

European Association for South East Asian Studies (EuroSEAS)

International initiative aimed at fostering scholarly cooperation on Southeast Asian studies throughout Europe. Site provides information on conferences, registration, activities, and events.

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS)

Regional research center focusing on the study of Southeast Asia's socio-political, security, and economic trends and developments.

ISEAS Publishing

Publications unit of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies offering nearly 2,000 scholarly books and journals that explore the economies, politics, and societies of Southeast Asia.

Kajian Malaysia

Refereed Malaysian studies journal published by the Universiti Sains Malaysia Press.

Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS)

Introduction to the CSEAS with information about the staff, programs, research projects, and collaborations. Also presents online databases and publications.

McGill University Southeast Asian Studies

Overview of the program with announcements, faculty profiles, research information, and resources for students.

Network for Southeast Asian Studies

Presents various academic information and resources involving Southeast Asia.

Northern Illinois University Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Provides an overview of the center, details on the academic programs offered, calendar of events, news, publications, and outreach information.

Ohio University Southeast Asian Studies

Provides information on the faculty, global partners, programs, outreach, and related events.


Homepage of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies of Northern Illinois University. Provides interactive learning resources on the languages, literature, and cultures of Southeast Asia.

South East Asian Institute of Global Studies (SEAIGS)

Multidisciplinary research institute that provides study abroad programs focusing on human rights and politics, business and economic development, and the cultures and societies of Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia Program Data Paper Series

Presents the data papers published by the Southeast Asia Program (SEAP) of Cornell University from 1950 to 1982.

Southeast Asian Studies at Freiburg

Interdisciplinary research on Southeast Asia at the University of Freiburg. Focuses on democratization and institutional change, concepts of the West in Asia, and the sinicization of Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP)

Works to promote Southeast Asian studies through research, study, and exchange grants as well as the establishment of a scholars' network in the region.

Tonan Ajia Kenkyu

Academic quarterly journal focusing on Southeast Asian studies. Publishes multidisciplinary, empirically-grounded and contemporary research.

UC Berkeley Center for Southeast Asia Studies

Academic center focusing on Southeast Asian studies. Serves as an administrative base for promoting attention to Southeast Asian countries and people.

University of Michigan Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Designated Department of Education National Resource Center affiliated with The International Institute. Aims to promote a broader and more in-depth understanding of the southeast Asian region. Presents newsletters and educational materials.

University of Michigan Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS)

Designated institute of the United States Department of Education National Resource Center. Aims to promote broader and deeper understanding of Southeast Asian culture, people, and histories.

UW-Madison Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Aims to foster various research, teaching, and outreach activities concerning Southeast Asia. Site posts announcements, information for students, and a collection of resources for Southeast Asian studies.

Vietnamese Studies Internet Resource Center

Comprehensive Vietnamese studies resource for students, scholars, and others interested in the culture and history of Vietnam. Primarily focuses on the Vietnamese Diaspora.

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