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Underwater Archaeology - Shipwrecks

Deep Dive

Provides article on shipwrecks, history, and archaeology.

Graveyard of the Pacific - Shipwreck of Vancouver Island

Features list of vessels with variety of scope of Vancouver shipwrecks, names, newspaper stories, and record details.

Historic Ship Remains Recovered

Features the remains of an armed merchant vessel, and artifacts like cannons and leather shoe sole.

Hunting New England Shipwrecks

Provides historical backgrounds, pictures, shipwrecks, maps and charts of the area, and information on locating and diving on wrecks.

International Registry of Sunken Ships

Contains listing of individual, coastal and inland wrecks, vessels, captain names, crew and passenger, and weather conditions.

Minnesota's Historic Shipwrecks

Details shipwreck exhibit, history, photos, map, list of Lake superior shipwrecks, inland lakes and rivers, and preservation plan.

Mystery of Seabed Resolved with 2,000-year old Ship's Discovery

Details discovery and mystery on the 2,000-year old Roman shipwreck, layout and cargo.

Pass Covallo Shipwreck

Find details of the ship, artifacts and citation information.

Sadana Island Shipwreck Project

Includes excavation on Ottiman-period shipwreck, exploration and preservation of maritime.

Shipwreck - Time Capsules of Human

Discusses latest underwater and deep diving technologies, and exploration of shipwrecks worldwide.

Shipwrecks and Other Maritime Disaster

Contains news, passenger lists, books, stories, and wreck reports.

Submerged Forest and Old Ship Remains in the Solent

Features ancient ship discovery, tree remains and artificially shaped timbers.

Vicship Wrecks

Contains information for general public on Bass Strait shipwrecks, and graveyard history and chart.

VOC Historical Society

Historical society located in the activity of VOC shipwrecks along the coast of Western Australia provides details of activities, explorers, shipwrecks and survivors.

Wisconsin Shipwrecks

Provides information on underwater archaeology, stewardship and preservation, and water-proof shipwreck guides.

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