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Archaeological Portable Antiquities - Stone Tools

Archaeological Guide to Chert Types of East-Central Illinois

Guide to the types of chert exploited by prehistoric people.

Arroweb 1

Collection of arrowheads and artifacts, antiques, and metates information.

Arrowhead Hunter’s Primer

Basic guide presents safety and ethics, quarry, and arrowhead.

Arrowhead Museum

Contains authentic artifacts, types of arrowheads, materials and cultures.

Digital Crabtree - Computer Simulation of Folsom Fluting

Paper understands Folsom point fluting, and uses Finite Element Analysis software to research.


Provides information on materials or map locations of flint, chert, hornstone, quartzite, radiolarite, and obsidian.

Indiana Smith and his Texas Artifact Collection

Information and collection of Texas Indian artifacts and fossils.

Lithic Technology

Variety of high quality lithic materials, indication of the past movements of the Folsom group and encompasses partial mapping.

Neil's Texas Indian Artifacts

Features stone age tools, which includes arrowheads, spear points, axes and scrapers, and artifacts from prehistoric sites.

Oklahoma Stone Tools

Presents photo gallery of artifacts and surface finds from Northern Oklahoma.

Quality Casts of Stones Age Artifacts

Features casts, posters and postcards of available stone age artifacts, articles and index.

Southern Ontario Projectile Points

Contains information on prehistoric time periods, date, and point types. Also include links to regional projectile point types and related sources.

Stone Age Reference Collection

Includes graphic illustrations on the types of fracture resulting from a mechanical blow, raw material details, and study methods.

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