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Dolmens in the Netherlands

Features description of dolmens, picture gallery, maps, and links to megalithic monuments.

Hyperuranium Gallery

Picture library contains visionary photographs from Stone Age to the Industrial Revolution.

Major New Megalithic Complex in Europe

Presents the enormous scale and intricate planning of standing stones, avenues and circles in the megalithic world.

Megalithic Portal

Contains new Megalithic and ancient links, articles, comments, and updates.

Megalithic Portal - Megalithic Map

Covers map of megalithic and prehistoric sites, areas under construction, location data and photographs.

Megaliths in Western Europe

Presents stone structures, heritages, and strange stone monuments.

MegalĂ­tica - Megaliths of Menorca

Provides photo gallery on the buildings of Megaliths with significant descriptions.

Monumental Past

Hypermedia exploration of megaliths includes life-histories of monuments, and significance of cultures and memories.

Stone Pages

Guide to ancient monuments and presents images, descriptions, folklore, panoramic views, forums, news, links and tours.


Features photographs and descriptions on the megalithic stone graves, colossi weighing tons, and old structures.

Stones of Italy

Presents megalithic monuments and explores the Giant's tomb, standing stones, and various structures.

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