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Archaeological GIS and Remote Sensing

Aerial Archaeology

Contains outline on principal discoveries, and collection of photographs.

Aerial Archive

Provides aerial photographs, and photogrammetrical techniques of image analysis, and presents exhibition area and links.

Archaeology and GIS - The Linux Way

Contains description on archaeology project using geographic information system and GRASS.

Archaeology in Baden-Wurttemberg

Features pilots view on aerial photographs of archaeological sites.

Archiving Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing Data - A Guide to Good Practice

Creates and maintains resource, contains raw data sources, and provides archiving guidelines on archaeological interpretations and mapping.

Baker Aerial Archaeology

Contains list of illustrations, definitions, newsletter updates, technical discussions, historical notes and links.

BG-Map Cultural Resources Module

Database and mapping software assists documentation of historical properties, and contains reporting tools and map interface.

Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage

Encompasses human civilization, monitors development of human heritage, and represents cultural heritage of national and international values.

Digital Technologies at the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla

Presents data model of structure, camera systems, and repair strategies.

GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology - Burgundy

Presents research program involves integrative approach and multiscalar analysis of different cultures.

GIS Guide to Good Practice

Details guide, introduces archaeological references and spatial statistics, data types and documents.

How Geophysical Methods Help the Archaeologist

Article on the discovery of photographs and its importance using several methods.

Human Migration Tracked In Stanford Computer Simulation

Article traces evolution of modern humans, and mutations in the Y chromosome.

National NAGPRA

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act develops regulations and guidance, maintains database, and makes program documents and publications available.

Oriental Institute - Archaeological Site Modeling

Presents archaeology and data acquisition, templates and computers, analysis, CAD and GIS.

Oriental Institute Photographic Archives

Contains photographs from Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Sudan, and Perspolis and Ancient Iran.

Solid Modeling of Structure in the Archaeology of Buildings

Features application of 3D modeling in archaeology, virtual reality and archaeological reconstruction.

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