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Archaeological Computing

Archaeological Data Archive

Includes document with archaeological data and files from CSA server for inspection on users' machines.

Archaeological Predictive Modeling

Develops computerized decision-making model that assists forest management planners in identifying archaeological sites.

Archaeology Data Service

Preserves digital data, promotes and disseminates archaeological data and practice, and provides technical advice to research community.

Computer Applications in Archaeology

Keep track with the different advancements that have been incorporated to archaeology research and documentation.

Corinth Computer Project

Studies nature of the city planning process during the Roman period and creates accurate computer generated map of the ancient city.

CSA CAD Guide for Archaeology and Architectural History

Guide archaeology and architectural history, and applies set of disciplines.

Internet and Open Source in Archaeology

Introduces the use of open source software and open standards for archaeological computing.

Online Archaeology

Explore the world of computer-enhanced archaeology in this presentation. Go over news, blogs, and articles.

Review of Archaeological Evidence for Food Plants from the British Isles

Compiles information about remains of plants from archaeological deposits, and details plant parts identified and its preservation.


Learn about the concept of this archaeological information system.


Get a copy of this tool for a computer aided method for relative dating of archaeological contexts. See the screenshots for a preview.

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