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  • Aboriginal Star Knowledge

    Features the San Francisco exploration links, and astronomy education, magazines, resources and guides.

  • Ancient African Skies

    Article from Laurance R. Doyle reports on search for and meaning of the Namoratunga or stone people in the Turkana region of Kenya.

  • Ancient Observatories

    Introduces Chaco Canyon, features observations, tools through time and sun stories, and details seasons plus alignments, time, and resources.

  • Archaeo-astronomical hypotheses on some ligurian engravings

    Presents illustrations on the engraves and hypothesis about the alignments and bearings of Ligurian engraves.

  • Astronomers of Yore

    Presents intrigue of the megaliths of Stonehenge, concepts, and understanding on ethnic groups.

  • Aztec Astronomy and Observation of Nature

    Briefly explores solar alignment and Aztec calendars.

  • Blu Horizons

    Features photos, illustrations, and animations on archaeoastronomy and megalithic structures in Ireland.

  • Carving the Cosmos

    Discussion and explanation on the petroglyphs, horizontal shadow, movements, sky chart and figure interpretations.

  • Combined Miniature Gnomon and Compound Dioptra

    Illustrates development of Cartesian and Polar coordinates, implications of the gnomon, and compound dioptra.

  • Cultural Astronomy

    Explores culture that have observed the heavens, phenomena, and ways of observations on the sky into people's daily lives.

  • The Dogon and Sirius

    Addresses claims that the Dogon of Mali knows stars not visible without a telescope in terms of ethnography and astronomy.

  • European Society for Astronomy in Culture

    Professional association of scientists promoting the interdisciplinary study of astronomical practice in the cultural context.

  • Heavenly Mathematics and Cultural Astronomy

    Features a course for the study of astronomy in a cultural context. With astronomical video clips and software.

  • Ligustic Archaeoastronomy

    Shows studies on megalitism, rupestral engraving, palaeoethnology and archaeology in Liguria, and features articles, meetings and conferences.

  • Loughcrew Megalithic Cairns

    Presents images and illustrations on the clusters of megalithic cairns, illumination of the passage and chamber, and designs.

  • Stones of Wonder

    Online guidebook to the prehistoric monuments in Scotland – which have orientations to the sun, moon, or stars.

  • Sunwheel for the Campus

    Solar calendar and observatory illustrates variations of the Sun’s position, and provides understanding on astronomy, and scientific learning experience.

  • Temple Orientation and Heliacal Stars

    Reviews work by Lockyer and Penrose on astronomical considerations involved in temple and pyramid placements.

  • Tiwanaku phase IV

    Working hypothesis on the ideographic representation of the annual solar cycle on the gateway of the Sun of Tiwanaku.

  • Traditions of the Sun

    Presentation aims to impart a better understanding of the mysteries of the sun and the construction concepts and rituals related to it.

  • University of Maryland: Center for Archaeoastronomy

    Official site features history, definitions, publications, news, and related links.

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