Archaeology in Mexico in the Best of the Web Directory

Archaeology in Mexico

Provides detailed readings about the art, culture, religion, and history of early Mesoamerica.

Antiquity: Earliest Mesoamerican Human-Duck Imagery

Details the projects at the archaeological site of Cuauhtémoc and uncovered remnants.

Field Museum Archaeologists Discover Tomb

News article about the discovery of remains found in an uncovered underground tomb.

Hidden Magic of Baja California

Describes the site where there are caves and remnants of the ancient Indians. Also has photos and information on trips around the region.

Investigating Chinampa Farming

Describes the agriculture practices of the ancient Aztec people of Tenochtitlan.

Mayan Esteem Project

Provides details about the organization that aims to excavate and restore ancient Mayan ruins. Also features archival photos, readings, and released newsletters.

NOVA: Search for the Lost Cave People

Contains video clips, photos, and resources about ancient Maya ruins and archaeological sites.

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