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Archaeology in Turkey

Amuq Survey and Related Projects

Explores ancient landscape features and settlement patterns throughout the entire valley, and large-scale excavations at the site of Alalakh.

Ancient Anatolia

Contains data that focuses on early history of Anatolia from the Paleolithic age to the end of Hellenistic Period, pictures and maps.


Features map of the central and eastern Mediterranean region, excavations and unearthing of marble statues and artifacts.

Black Sea Trade Project

Studies trade systems in the Black Sea and its local cultures and economies, and provides survey programs and research, historical documentation, and excavation of sites.

Bronze door-knockers of Cizre Great Mosque

Presents examples of the Anatolian Medieval Islamic metal works, inscriptions on mosque, and significance of the door-knockers.

CANew Project

Archaeological project deals with spatial and chronological data on the Neolithic period and collects and interprets radiocarbon and geo-archaeological facts.

Catal Hoyuk

Features the Neolithic Age city and its significant details, and images of statues.

Catal Huyuk - Temple City of Prehistoric Anatolia

Informs on the ancient cities, analysis on remains, excavations, and historical discoveries.


Information and history on ancient city's strategic location and tourism center, with photos and significant details.

History of Aphrodisias

Features Aphrodisias' goddess and settlements in late Neolithic and calcolithic eras.

Tay - The Archaeological Settlements of Turkey Project

Builds chronological findings for Turkeys cultural heritage and data through surveys. - Ahprodisias

Informs on ancient city's history to the early bronze age, origin, evidence of chalcolithic culture, ruins, the city defense walls and plans.

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