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Archaeology in Syria

Ancient Kingdom of Qatna

Helps understands history, culture relations and environment of Qatna, and studies periods and site developments.

Hadir Qinnasrin Project

City in the early Islamic period reveals wealth of the ancient and pre-Islamic buildings and remains.

Hamoukar Expedition

Presents detail of excavation and survey reports, discovery of remains and evidence of cooking.

Neolithic Human Burials from Tell Ain el-Kerkh, Northwest Syria

Discovers skeletal remains through excavations, presents overview on burial practices, and features images on infant burial and rituals.

Tell Es-Sweyhat Expedition

Focuses excavations and magnetometer surveys on town planning, and investigates archaeological agriculture and geomorphology.

Umm el-Marra

Project investigates emergence, development, and episodes of the decline of west Syrian urban society from the Early to the Late Bronze periods, and studies development of civilization.

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