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Archaeology in Iran

3rd Season of Archaeological Excavation

Reports on the examination and identification of the administration system operating in the city of Takht-e Soleyman under the rule of Sassanids.

Chogna Mish Project

Covers excavation from the Neolithic up to the Proto-literate period, and provides information on Iran's cultural developments.

Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies

Acts as forum and promotes activities, articles and research on ancient Iran, archaeological discoveries, and workshops.


Informs on the ancient sites and monuments like Sassanid ans Islamic period marks culture and civilization in Iran's Sistan-Baluchestan province.

Ganj Par - The first evidence for Lower Paleolithic Occupation

Presents image on Ganj Par's location and evidence for the Acheulian industry in Iran, and discovery of artifacts during excavations.

Girl with Silver Earrings Found in the Burnt City

News on the discovery of a woman's skeleton in the historical site of Sistan-Baluchistan.

Human Settlement in Iran’s Central Plateau

Presents the unearthing of artifacts in the central plateau of Iran.

Iranian archeologists to Identify Jiroft Ancient Quarries

Traces archaeological sites and quarries with Jiroft stone artifacts.

Iranian Prehistoric Project

Reports research design involving the study of a mobile pastoralist tribe of Qashqaii confederation and archaeological survey of valleys.

Jiroft - Key Business Hub 5,000 Years Ago

Features archeological and art studies on insignias from the ancient dote of Jiroft.

Lafourak Male Skeleton Wears Gold and Silver Earrings

Reports excavations and studies of the historical graveyard of Mazandaran, and the discovery of a male skeleton with gold and silver earrings.

Museum - Lost Treasures

Details the recovery of the two 4,500-year-old gold headdresses from ancient Sumer, and evidence of rich funerals.

Persian Expedition

Illustrates excavations in largely unexplored mountainous regions, and the remains of Persepolis.

Restoration of Neishabour Historical Site

Project identifies and restores historical sites and area surface of Shadyakh.

Tall-e Bakun

Details location, sites, excavations, and discovery of remains and artifacts.

University of Chicago Returns Ancient Persian Tablets Loaned by Iran

Shows information about the return of 300 ancient Iranian tablets.

Western Team - Iran Expedition

Archaeological expedition provides important information on the regional structure of societies, settlement patterns, and remains from Neolithic through Islamic times.

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