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Archaeology in Russia

Antiquity: Middle and Late Pleistocene Investigations of Myshtulagty Lagat

Contains an article about the Paleolithic cave. Also presents photo images and map illustrations.

Archaeology of the Hsiung-nu in Russia – New Discoveries and Some Problems

Discusses discoveries of remnants of the Huns of Asia.

Archaeology: Viking Ship in Russian Waters

Features an article highlighting the ancient vessel located in an archaeological expedition.

BBC News: ‘New World’ Link to Arctic Find

Reports on the uncovered artifacts suggesting human existence and culture 16,000 years ago.

Bibliography of Khazar Studies, 1901-Present: Archaeology

Enumerates references for archaeological topics sorted by various languages.

Center for the Study of the Eurasian Nomads: Sintashta-Arkaim Culture

Presents findings from the archaeological site highlighting the ancient cultures and showcases artifacts from the settlements.


Provides description, archaeological information, and images of artworks of the Huns of Asia.

Khazar Fortress of Sarkel

Presents highlights of the ancient city, and reports from the excavations. Includes photo images.

Metropolitan Museum: The Golden Deer of Eurasia

Features article discussing the excavated ornament and its exhibition schedules.

Rock Art in Russian Far East and in Siberia

Article and photo images highlighting the prehistoric paintings.

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