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Archaeology in Italy

Arch of Constantine

Discusses the historical significance of the monument. Showcases a diagram indicating its decorative elements.


Features news articles about archaeological researches and findings, TV events, exhibitions, and conferences.


Describes historical and archaeological sites.

Backdirt: Horace’s Farmhouse Found Beneath Horace’s Villa Site

News article about the remains of a farmhouse highlighting the culture during the period.

BBC News - Ancient Carved ‘Faces’ Found

Article highlights discovery of an ancient art by the archeologist Pietro Gaietto.

BBC News: Iceman’s Final Meal

Article about the remains offering dietary insights of the prehistoric Europeans.

Bessa Park

Contains information on the Roman goldmine, the history, geology, and rock engravings. Also shows images and map illustrations.


Provides information on historical and archaeological discoveries of ancient Rome.

Death of the Iceman

Article about a discovered frozen mummy.

Geophysical Survey 1995

Introduces the survey conducted in Campanaio,Sicily that details the projects development and output.

Janiculum Mills Excavations

Contains an article about the excavation project. Also features map images and photos of the area.

The Local: Pompei Discovery for Swedish Archaeologists

Article on an uncovered Stone Age settlement from prehistoric times.


Highlights the harbor city of ancient Rome. Contains information for students and archaeologists interested about the place.

Ostia Antica

Provides images and information on the city and its excavations. Also features links to information about Rome, Naples, Sicily, Italian art, and France.

Villa Romana del Casale

Describes the historical background of the place. Presents images of works of art identical with the villa.

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