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Archaeology in Sri Lanka

Antiquity of Murukan Cult in Ancient Sri Lanka

Presents historical study and tracing of antiquities during the medieval period.

Archaeology Page - Pre-history

Presents data on various evidences of settlements in Sri Lanka. With images and details on various artifacts.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Article review on the history, significant conditions and early aspects of Sri Lanka politics.

Pallemalala Discovery on Lanka's Pre-historic Culture

Articles discovery of shell midden with skeletal remains and deposits of a primitive man.

Pre and Protohistoric Settlement in Sri Lanka

Details investigation of various periods and discovery of several data and remnants.

Sri Lanka History

Contains significant information and links on prehistoric, colonial and ancient civilization.

Tharuka Dissanaike - Here They Lived And Died

Reports archaeological discovery on people's way of living during the prehistoric period.

Where Farmers Till for Coins

Articles historic area with several ancient artifacts and findings. With images of remnants from diggings and cultivations.

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