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Archaeology in India

1,100-year-old Chola Stone Inscription Found

Presents discover of stone inscription with details on its translations and historical accounts.

1000-year-old, Long Tamil Inscription Found

Presents founding of 28 lines and about 1,000 years old inscription at the Alagiya Narasingaperumal temple.

997 A.D. Stone Inscriptions Found in Tamil Nadu

Details founding of outlet stone with Sanskrit and Grantha letters.

Ancient Indians Made Rock Music

Details rediscovery of rock art and its purpose, engravings and role in rituals.

Archaeology in the Third World

Review by DP Agrawal on the Indian archaeology, with cites on several issues.

Asoka statues unearthed in India

Presents discovery of one of India's warriors. With images and historical insights.

Ayodhya Excavations Completed

Details completion of Archaeological Survey of India and the unearthing of pieces of glazed tiles, terracotta and mud figures.

Buddha Site Celebrates UN Status

Reports founding of ancient Indian temple and Buddha.

Excavations to Resolve Temple Row

Excavation by archaeologists to determine existence of the Hindu temple.

Experts Split on Ayodhya Findings

Reports on the evidence found at the temple and the interpretations of several historians.

Heritage in Ruins

Highlights archaeological findings, temples and shrines, and many disfigured images of Hindu gods.

Historical Sites in Gujrat Crumbling

Reports on its neglected heritage, architecture and documents.

India Uncovers Ancient Buddhist Marvel

Features the dome-shaped memorial shrine, stupa monuments, and their legends.

Lost City Found Off Indian Coast

Reports discovery of ancient underwater city, with details on its significance and myths.

Man and Man-Lion – The Philadelphia Narasimha

Article presents museum of art with recovered sculpture that conveys religious experiences of Visnu.

Monk Mummy Found in Mountains

Features remains of Tibetan Buddhist monk and presents the skeletal image of the mummy.

Mother Goddess Figurines Found in Tamil Nadu

Presents images of Terracotta statues of a bull and emblem of mystical people.

Peopling in India

Paper examines and discusses demographic history, migrations and significance of the city and its people.

Prehistoric Rock Paintings of Bhimbetaka

Features images and descriptions of ancient arts and scripts on rocks and caves.

Saraswati Project

Details claims on work, issues, action and reports.

Sphinxes of India

Presents the living tradition, myths and legends, rituals and photo gallery.

Status of Women in Medieval Karnataka

Explains worthy of women and illustrates different picture of status in medieval times.

Unique Memorial to a Learned Lady

Features discovery of sculptures on a stone figured young lady, which illustrates the status of women during the medieval period.

Urn-burial Site Found at Adichanallur

Illustrates excavation, digging and discovery of pottery, bones and elements of buried body.

Urns Proof of Ancient Pot Burial

Details report on discovery of evidences on prehistoric burial custom in Tamil Nadu.

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