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Neolithic Period and Culture

History of Gardening - A Timeline From Ancient Times to 1600

Presents evidences from archaeological sites and cultivation, and the origin of human civilization and agriculture.

How Agriculture Came to Central Europe

Paper discusses archaeological records of the earliest European farmers, colonization and local adoption, and agricultural dispersal.

Neolithic Age

Reveals history of mankind with the development of societies and production of food, which includes details on the Cayonu, Hacilar, Catalhoyuk and Koskhoyuk excavation sites.

Neolithic Diaspora in Europe

Discusses agricultural dispersal in Europe, and case for colonization.

Neolithic Mosaic on the North European Plain

Provides information on postglacial foraging groups, Neolithic mosaic, farming communities, and motivations.

Origin and Ancient History of Wine

Presents information on winemaking and the processing techniques in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Origins of Agriculture as a Natural Experiment in Cultural Evolution

Contains information on agriculture, trajectories of subsistence intensification, and mathematical analysis.

Overlapping Genetic and Archaeological Evidence Suggests Neolithic Migration

Details a researcher's discovery on genetics that help support the theory that people migrated from the Middle East to Europe.

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