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Harappan Period and Culture

Ancient Gold Treasure Found

Features the ancient discovery of treasures, and jewelry, and its archaeological significance.

Archaeoscience - Indus Valley Civilization

Paper investigates and determines centers and peripheries of this ancient civilization, and the enigmatic Harappan phenomena.

Demise of Utopia

Paper investigates factors that ended the Harappan civilization.

Gujarat and Indus Valley Civilization

Recounts phases of settlements, basis of evidences, and cultural development and decline.

History Politics - Indus Valley Civilization

Discusses the earliest traces of civilization in the Indian subcontinent.

Indus Valley (Harappan) Civilization

Details history of rediscovery, data and facts, pre-Harappan sequence, and periods of population growth.

Indus Valley Civilization

Details evidences for archaeology, religious belief and practices, and religion.

Indus Valley Civilization

Discusses Harappan civilization, artifact discoveries, astronomy, and origin.

International Conference on Revisiting Indus

Topic includes the origins of ancient Indian Civilization, controversial Aryan Invasion Theory and the accomplishments of the civilization along the banks of the Indus and sarasvati rivers.

Locating Indus Civilization Pyrotechnological Craft Production

Presents several recovered objects from field research at Indus Valley city. With images of field and findings.


Ancient Indus valley civilization city. Presents illustrated essay, collection of images and bibliography.

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