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Ancient Egyptian Mummies

Buck Teeth Clue to Mystery of a Royal Mummy's Boy

Details significant connotation of teeth and hairstyle evidences.

Egyptian Mummies

Features Egyptian mummies and museums.

How Mummies Work

Information on Egyptian mummification, embalming, drying and wrapping, and other ancient and modern mummies.

King TuOne

Contains overview of mummies, mummifications and examinations, and animal mummies.

Mummy Has Four Feet, Few Bones And A New Home

Reports discovery of mummified body, scanning of remains, and confirmation on its preservation.

Oasis of the Dead

Accounts excavation and discovery of workman skeleton, several mummies, and tombs.

Scans Resolve Mystery over King Tut’s Death

States results on the mummy's fate from examinations like CT scan.

Studying the Mummy of Petosiris

Article on examination and documentation of project, studies on artificial mummification, and various learning techniques.

Theban Royal Mummy Project

Presents archeological data on royal mummies, images and descriptions, and various tales.

Ti Ameny Net (Djai Ameni Niwet)

Features an ancient Egyptian mummy and its historical implications.

Virtual Mummy: Unwrapping a Mummy

Presents research and several techniques in creating virtual images, samples, and experience on ancient preserved bodies.

Who was Who among the Royal Mummies

Article on cataloguing of imperial preserved bodies, anatomical descriptions and estimates of death and ages.

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